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The Factors That Depict Diamond Prices

Diamonds are gratifying – there’s completely no doubt about that. You let yourself loose in jewelry shops hoping to land a good deal in purchasing a diamond, whether unmounted or already complementing a nice ring or necklace. When you have found that one piece of precious gemstone that makes your eyes light up like a 100-megawatt bulb, you know you’ve already scored a shopping victory.

However, in the same way that diamonds vary in different aspects – dimensions, polish, symmetry and many others – diamond prices are ranged widely as well. There are many sets of criteria being used in determining diamond prices. Factors that affect diamond prices are at least 13 in all. These include standards such as fluorescence, and table percentage. Of course, the most common and most basic would be clarity, cut, carat weight and color or simply the four C’s of diamond grading..

Diamond prices depend on how a diamond is cut. 鑽戒價格 To ensure its value, the cut should neither be too shallow or too deep. If a diamond’s cut is too shallow, then light will come out of the bottom. Meanwhile a diamond that was cut too deep will make the light be lost on the sides. Diamonds that become highly-priced are those that reflects light from any angle.

On the other hand, carat weight and clarity are easy evaluators of diamond prices because they both have a standard unit of measurement. Diamonds with a higher carat weight or scaled mass are obviously more valuable and expensive. When it comes to clarity, there are ratings that show a diamond’s level of clarity. Clearer diamonds, those diamonds with less inclusion, have a high demand. Thus, they are priced higher. Diamonds that have a top-caliber clarity grade are rated F for flawless and IF for internally flawless.

But as earlier mentioned, there are many other factors that dictate diamond prices. In order to learn how to estimate a fair price, there are tutorials on diamond pricing that you can take advantage of. This guide gives you a step-by-step help in learning how the different online pricing tools work. Since there are a lot of databases for diamond prices, utilizing them can give you a clear idea of the real prices for diamonds that are currently out on the market. Also, remember it is important to consult a credible and dependable diamond expert to give you a hand.

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