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Automated Marketing System – 3 Simple Steps

This statement would be your goal today. Whether you are running an online business or a simple affiliate marketing business, your automated marketing system may be the foundation to your success. I’m sure you start out wanting to run a small business online with the desire to own it ‘run without you’ one day.

Instead of hoping that will happen someday, why not make this a reality starting today. We have only one life to call home and life is for living not for working. Your family time is more important than your organization in all perspectives. Here’s how you can setup a brilliant effective automated marketing system in 5 easy steps:

Step #1: Anatomy OF ONE’S Automated Marketing System

Can I go faster? Since we’re discussing having a highly effective automated marketing system online this would be easier for the both of us. Firstly, there is absolutely no doubt that you need the basic technical foundations. Your automated marketing system must have a simple squeeze page, autoresponder and a great offer.

Your landing page is easy to create because you only need to create a sale page. In your sales copy you tell them (these potential customers) what benefit will your service or product have to offer. The most important part in your automated marketing system may be the autoresponder. This allows you a good follow up to familiarize your prospects together with your ‘great offer’.

We’ll touch into the ‘great offer’ part just a little later.

automated marketing Step #2: You Got To Face “In” And “Out”

Actually, your automated marketing system will never be complete without knowing the difference between your “In” and “Out” criteria. “In” means your follow-up system. Everything which is more connected to your sales funnel than your dynamic prospecting system.

“Out” means your marketing. Marketing is the act of generating prospects to your automated marketing system. Combining both into your ultimate marketing plan will be very beneficial. Although we’re focused on your “In” criteria at this moment you can start to learn how exactly to market online just by investing in a package that teaches you how to market.

Step #3: Putting Your Automated Marketing System Together

This is where we shall “flick” the switch to turn your automated marketing system “ON”. Your landing page and autoresponder should be ready for the flow now. Next is just your ‘great offer’. You guessed it. Your great offer may be the golden key in your entire automated marketing system.

It will give you bottom line results that is income. No matter the method that you see it, the way you must integrate your great offer into your automated marketing system is by repeated reminders. Yes, always remember most prospects don’t become buyers the first time.

Profiting JUST LIKE A Lazy Bum

Earlier I mentioned your automated marketing system will not be complete without the “out” portion in your marketing plan. The real secret to profiting just like a lazy marketer is to make your prospecting system ‘targeted’ all the time. You can boost your profits by investing in a course that reveals how to do targeted online marketing.

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